One of the popular berries is strawberries. Although they are not berries from botanical point of view. They become the most widely cultivated crop in the world. Your minds are refreshed with their sweet and somewhat tart taste. In addition, there are a lot of strawberry benefits for hair. So, whenever you pick up these red juicy berries, use some of them for your hair care regime. As they are very beneficial for your hair.


Strawberry belongs to the rose family and genus Fragaria. They are very versatile and adaptive. Moreover, it is available in different colors like white and red strawberries. However, the red ones are always preferred.

According to research, the molecular mechanisms underlying differences in fruit color were compared between red and white octoploid strawberry varieties. FaMYB genes had combinatorial effects in determining the red color of fruit through the regulation of flavonoid biosynthesis in response to the increase in endogenous ABA at the final stage of fruit development.

Nutrients In Strawberry

Strawberries are enriched with vitamin C content. Vitamin C, also known as L-ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin. Humans, unlike most animals, are unable to synthesize vitamin C endogenously, so it is an essential dietary component.

Strawberry (Fragaria×ananassa) fruits are rich in L-ascorbic acid AsA. Likewise, it is also enriched with vitamin C, polyphenols, manganese, folate, copper, phosphorous, antioxidants, and omega 3-fatty acids.

Strawberry Benefits For Hair

Most of us don’t know about strawberry benefits for hair. Read on to know its benefits.

  • Prevents Hair Thinning, Hair Loss & Promotes Hair Growth
  • Excellent Hair Moisturizer
  • Works Great As Scalp Exfoliator
  • Fights Dandruff

Prevents Hair Thinning, Hair Loss & Promotes Hair Growth

Androgenic Alopecia (male hair loss pattern) can be treated with strawberries. As they contain ellagic acid which controls hair thinning and alopecia.

It has been noticed that the consumption of strawberries and its topical application on hair cause hair growth. Most of the time, hair problems like hair dullness and split ends occurred due to iron deficiency. Strawberries are the solution to these problems. As they contain vitamin C which leads to better iron absorption. And certainly they promotes hair growth.

It contains folic acid, vitamin B5, and vitamin B6 which cures hair fall problems. It also contains silica which treats baldness.

Excellent Hair Moisturizer

Strawberry benefits for hair are enormous. They are used as hair moisturizer due to their antioxidant effect. They actually protect our scalp’s cell membrane from the formation of the hydrophobic layer (water-hating layer). Thus, the hydrophilic layer (water-loving layer) is created on our scalp which keeps our hair moisturized and gives nourishment to them.

Works Great As Scalp Exfoliator

Strawberry works great as an exfoliating agent. As a scalp exfoliator, it removes dead cells from our skin.

Our scalp is mostly itchy due to the presence of dead cells on our scalp, which causes acne on the scalp and thus weakens our hair follicles and results in hair loss.

To treat all of these problems, we need a strawberry hair scrub and mask. Firstly, which exfoliates our scalp. Secondly, it removes all dead cells from it. Thirdly,it provides relief from itchiness and most importantly, it makes our hair healthy and shiny.

Fights Dandruff

One of the strawberry benefits for hair includes its ability to fight with dandruff.

According to research, dandruff is a common but complex disorder with three major contributing factors:

(1) individual predisposition,

(2) scalp sebum and

(3) Malassezia yeast colonization.

To fight with this dandruff, strawberries are used to remove it from our hair. For this purpose, strawberries are mixed with phytochemicals that have anti fungal properties like tea tree oil or thyme oil and applied all over the scalp to get rid of dandruff.

Recipe Box

For this, make a DIY strawberry hair mask. Take 3 medium-sized fully ripped strawberries and smash them in a clean container. Then, blend it well until it forms a smooth puree. Now, pour this strawberry puree in a clean bowl and add one teaspoon raw honey and 4-5 drops of tea tree oil or thyme oil in it. Mix all the ingredients well and apply this mixture on your clean scalp. This hair mask removes all dandruff and fungal growth on your scalp.

If you want to make your hair looks healthy then a lot of hair care is needed. And natural remedies are always proved beneficial. That’s the reason that adding strawberries in the hair care regime treats all the hair problems nicely. Because this amazing fruit is too good for our hair.

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