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It’s time to exfoliate your dead skin with orange peel and remove all the unwanted flakiness on your skin that ruins your freshness. Even you wear makeup, your whole look devasted due to the lack of exfoliation in your skincare routine.

For this purpose, many skincare companies have launched their skincare products including face scrubs but most of them are costly and rely on chemicals that give less benefit and more side effects. So, it is better to opt for natural homemade face scrubs that are economical and free from all chemicals.

Exfoliation is the process in which dry, dead, and flaky skin cells are removed with the help of skincare ingredients having a somewhat gritty texture.

Orange Peel Is A Useful Ingredient

When natural ingredients are here, then worry not!

As nature gifted us with a remarkable pulpy and juicy fruit orange that not only benefits us as face packs. But its peel has much more nutrients and vitamin C content that makes it ideal for DIY face scrubs.

Tangerine, vibrant and radiant orange peel soaked up all the sunshine and in return makes our skin shiny, glowing, and fresh with its enormous benefits.

How To Make Orange Peel Powder At Home?

In this winter season, don’t throw orange peels in the bin. Rather, you can save them for future use in your natural skincare regime.

For this

  • Collect enough orange peels depending on your requirement. Make sure you collect the outermost orange peel part only, not the white part.

  • Wash these orange peels properly.

  • Spread them on a tray with a wide surface area.

  • Let them soaked all the sunlight for 2-5 days at least.

  • When the orange peels are completely dried and water is evaporated.

  • Then, grind these dried orange peels in a clean and dry grinder until it converts into a fine powder.

  • Store this orange peel powder in a clean and dry airtight jar for future skincare use.

Powerhouse Of Nutrients

Orange peel is a powerhouse of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. That makes orange peels so useful in our skincare regime.

Nutrients Benefits
Vitamin C Treats acne, protects the skin from free radical damage and keeps it youthful and glowing.
Vitamin A Prevents the breakout issue. It also hydrates our skin and gives a radiant glow.
Calcium Helps in cell renewal and regeneration.
Magnesium It enhances moisture in the skin and makes it smooth and supple.
Potassium It improves skin texture and overall appearance.
Citric acid It exfoliates dead skin cells, controls excessive sebum production, and reduces dark spots & blemishes.

Benefits OF Orange Peel Face Scrubs

Orange peel face scrubs show amazing benefits for our skin. These include

  1. It makes dull and dry skin bright, fair, and hydrated.
  2. It reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and aging signs.
  3. It treats acne and breakout issues.
  4. It exfoliates dead skin cells, improves its skin elasticity and texture.
  5. It controls excessive sebum or oil production on our skin.
  6. It bleaches dark spots and blemishes.
  7. It treats irritated skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Orange Peel Face Scrubs

When combined with perfect ingredients, then these orange peel face scrubs show their best results on our skin. Some of these are

  1. Orange Peel And Kiwi Face Scrub
  2. Orange Peel And Grapefruit Face Scrub
  3. Orange Peel And Orange Face Scrub

1. Orange Peel And Kiwi Face Scrub


  • 2 teaspoons orange peel powder

  • 1 teaspoon kiwi puree

  • 1 teaspoon brown sugar

  • 1 teaspoon raw honey


  1. Mix orange peel powder and brown sugar in a clean bowl.
  2. Then, add kiwi puree and honey and mix properly until a smooth thick paste is formed.
  3. Apply it on your face and then massage it in circular motions to scrub off all the dead skin cells.


It makes the skin smooth and clear. Removes all the dirt and get fair and bright skin.

Benefits Of Ingredients

Ingredients Benefits
Kiwi It helps in skin rejuvenation as it is loaded with antioxidants like vitamin C, E, carotenoids, and polyphenolics, etc.
Brown sugar The granular texture of brown sugar helps in skin exfoliation. It contains glycolic acid that makes skin radiant.
Honey Honey is anti-bacterial that prevents acne. It is highly soothing and moisturizing as well.

2. Orange Peel And Grapefruit Face Scrub


  • 1 tablespoon orange peel powder

  • 1 tablespoon fresh grapefruit juice

  • ½ teaspoon coffee beans

  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar

  • 1 teaspoon honey


  1. Grind coffee beans and brown sugar together until it converts into a fine powder.
  2. Transfer this powder in a clean bowl. Then, add all the remaining ingredients in it and mix together.
  3. Apply this thick mixture on your face and neck for 5 minutes. Massage it in a circular motion for a couple of minutes.
  4. Wash off.


This scrub clears all the dead and flaky skin and gives instant brightness and fairness on your skin.

Benefits Of Ingredients

Ingredients Benefits
Grapefruit It boosts collagen production in our skin and reduces aging signs. It shows astringent and exfoliating characteristics too.
Coffee beans It contains caffeic acid, an antioxidant that protects our skin from UV damage and aging signs.
Brown sugar It is a natural humectant that gives a glow to our skin. It removes flakiness and dead skin cells.
Honey It is loaded with antioxidants that slow down the aging process. It also gives a glow to our skin.

3. Orange Peel And Orange Face Scrub


  • 1 tablespoon orange peel powder

  • 1 tablespoon fresh orange juice

  • 1 teaspoon oatmeal powder

  • 1 tablespoon raw milk


  1. Mix dry ingredients in a clean container. Now, add wet ingredients in the same container and mix properly.
  2. Apply it on your face and neck for a few minutes and then gently massage it for 2-3 minutes.
  3. Wash off.


This face scrub cleanses your skin, removes dry and flakiness on your skin. It gives hydration and radiance to our skin.

Benefits Of Ingredients

Ingredients Benefits
Orange It contains vitamin C that makes skin fair and vibrant. It gives hydration and controls excessive sebum production.
Oatmeal It contains saponins that cleanse your skin naturally. It shows antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that soothe irritated skin. It also helps in exfoliation and acne healing.
Raw milk It is rich in AHA, calcium, and antioxidants that enhance moisture and glow in our skin.

Suggested Products

Orange peels are not poisonous and harmful for our skin. In fact, they are full of nutrients, vitamins, and polyphenols, etc.

I hope that after reading this article, in the next winter you don’t throw orange peels in the bin. So, dry them, store them, and save your skin from the flakiness. And feel confident with fresh and bright skin.

Do share your experience after using these orange peel face scrubs in the comments section below.

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