One of the most powerful tools a girl can have is her eyes. Eyes are the only organ of a human being who can speak a message without a voice. That’s the reason, most girls make their eyes attractive and prominent during makeup. Not only to relay some messages but to make themselves alluring. For this purpose, you can use either homemade eyeliner or the commercial one.

Nowadays, a lot of eyeliner styles are introduced by makeup artists which gives smaller eyes a bigger effect and droopy eyes an uplifting effect, etc.

In order to give a fresh look to our tired-looking eyes, most of us daily use eyeliners. But commercial eyeliners contain a huge number of chemicals which make sensitive eyes sometimes watery etc.

It has been suggested that eye makeup could interact with human meibum causing a decrease in the stability of the tear film. Certainly, it could be beneficial to design such eye makeup products that do not interact with meibum.

In other words, we need natural, non-toxic, and some eye-friendly ingredients for our homemade eyeliner. That gives us the same result as that of commercial eyeliners and should be pocket friendly as well.

DIY Non-Toxic Eye Makeup

Eye makeup should use non-toxic ingredients that are safely used for the eyes. In commercial eyeliners, this is not the case.

But in our homemade eyeliners, we are 100% aware of all the natural ingredients. That’s why they are considered safe and beneficial for our eye skin.

Homemade Eye Liner Recipe


  • ½ teaspoon activated charcoal powder

  • 1/4th teaspoon beeswax (finely grated)

  • 1/4th teaspoon cold-pressed coconut oil

  • 1 teaspoon distilled water

  • Clean container

How To Make

  1. Blend beeswax, coconut oil, and charcoal powder, until it forms a smooth consistency.
  2. Dissolve water in it to form a smooth mixture, you can also vary the quantity of water till you got the required consistency.
  3. Pour this mixture in a clean container and store it in the refrigerator.

How To Apply Homemade Eye Liner?

Use a clean eyeliner brush and dip it in the liquid eyeliner. Apply a small amount of liquid eyeliner on the upper or lower lid close to your eyelashes.

How To Remove

For the complete removal of DIY eyeliner, take a clean cotton pad. Dip it in the cold-pressed coconut oil then rub it over the eyeliner while your eyes are closed. Repeat this process for complete removal. Also wash your eyes with lukewarm water afterward.

Benefits Of Ingredients

 Ingredients  Benefits
Activated charcoal powder Activated charcoal adds black color to our eyeliner. It adsorbs impurities, dirt, excess sebum or oil, etc from the skin. It clears clogged pores and thus treats the acne problem.
Beeswax Beeswax increases the consistency of eyeliner. It has antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties that prevents any infection. Without clogging pores, it restores moisture in the skin by forming a protective layer on the skin.
Coconut oil Coconut oil makes your eyeliner smooth and runny. It is antibacterial, antifungal in nature. It is an excellent moisturizer. It contains fatty acids and vitamin E that makes skin smooth and soft.


  • Use clean and dry containers for storage: Always use clean and dry containers for storage purposes.

  • Refrigerate the DIY eyeliner: Refrigerate the DIY eyeliner to prolong the shelf life and to avoid the growth of bacteria.

  • Use dry and clean eyeliner brush for application: Always use dry and clean eyeliner brush for the application of homemade eyeliner, to avoid any kind of bacterial contamination.

  • Make small batches of DIY eyeliner: Prepare a small amount of DIY eyeliner and use it within a few weeks as it doesn’t contain any preservatives.

  • Avoid getting DIY eyeliner into the eyes: Avoid getting DIY eyeliner into the eyes, as it may cause irritation.


In the case of an allergic reaction, stop using this DIY eyeliner and consult the doctor, if needed.

Have you ever made homemade eyeliner? If not, then go ahead and save your money and yourself from toxic chemical ingredients and make your own eyeliner.

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